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Shabbat & Holiday Services

Shabbat & Holiday Services


Shabbat Services


Are you interested in experiencing Shabbat but don't know how?

Do you feel lost in synagogue?


You are invited to join us

Friday Evenings at 6:30pm
for an uplifting beginner's service followed by a festive Kiddush 


Shabbat Services - Saturday Morning  

at 10:00am

followed by hot cholent kiddush


Holiday schedule

Shemini Atzeret:

Sunday Evening, October 23rd, 

5:47 pm Light Candles; 

6:30 pm Services and 'Mini-Hakafot'; 

Monday, October 24th, 

10:00 am Holiday Services; 

11:00 am Yizkor Memorial Service

Simchas Torah:

Monday Evening, October 24th

Light Candles after 6:54 pm; 

6:30 pm Hakafot Dancing with The Torah

and special Children's Program.

TuesdayOctober 25th, 

10:00 am Holiday Services; 

11:00 am Children's Aliya and Hakafot Dancing. 




Feel at home as Rabbi Levi Raskin leads a refreshingly casual and easy to follow Shabbat service.

The English-Hebrew prayer book, along with song, commentary and traditional Jewish food makes everyone an active participant.  

Bring your neighbors and friends!

No membership is required

No Hebrew background or Jewish knowledge necessary

More Info: 858.756.7571 or email 

RSVP is not required but appreciated!


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